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Are you worried about your teenager's sudden change in behavior or mood?

Is your child’s shyness or lack of friends causing him/her distress?

Are you frustrated with your teenager’s moods and isolation?

Has the school contacted you out of concern?

Is your family going through stress, such as a divorce or older sibling leaving for college?

Does your child seem anxious much of the time?

You’re not alone.  I’m here to help.  Therapy can give your teenager the tools and skills to become happier and more secure and confident.  In a non-judgmental, encouraging environment, your child can learn new ways to understand themselves and create healthy ways to feel better when social situations or their own emotions feel overwhelming.  Then they can begin to build healthier friendships, improve academic performance or experience more confidence and joy.  If your teenage child needs a caring professional to provide ways to heal the hurt, find new solutions for daily stresses, or to learn better ways to cope and communicate better with others, I'm glad you have found my site.

If it is appropriate, and we have consent of your child (in the state of Washington, a child 13 years old and older must give consent to involve any parent in their therapy), I often work with parents too.  I help parents learn new ways to support their child at home and while they are going through therapy.  I can help parents and teens to navigate the changing roles they are both experiencing during these special yet intense teenage years.

If your child isn't ready or willing to see a therapist, I often work with parents to help them find solutions to various problems at home or that their child is having.  Whether you are concerned about emotional, social, or behavioral issues, I can provide you with support and information to help your child at home or in school.  Maintaining a strong bond during the developmental transitions of the teenage years is key to a solid future.


I no longer accept health insurance. 

If needed, I can give you the diagnostic, procedural and provider codes that you can use

along with dates of service to submit claims to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement